The Green STRING Corridor project is an interregional cooperation facilitating innovative transport and logistics in a Green STRING corridor between the Öresund region and Hamburg



The purpose of this project is to establish a green transport corridor through the Öresund Region to Hamburgfor international goods- and person transports that will minimise utilisation of energy and CO2 emissions per traveller and per tonnes goods; and at the same time optimise accessibility and mobility. The project will identify the demands and conditions such a transport corridor will put on authorities and companies in the Öresund Region, and furthermore map the potentials for increased cooperation internally in the region, and with partners in Germany. The goal of the project is to prepare businesses and decision makers for the specific conditions and opportunities relating to development of innovative and environmentally friendly transport and logistics solutions.



The Öresund Region is situated in the northern part of Europe and thus there is a political attention for improving the accessibility to the European Continent. The upcoming fixed link across the Femern Belt will remove an important "missing link" in a cohesive transport and development corridor between the Öresund Region and Hamburg.



The potentials and the barriers for increased cooperation, synergy, growth, and innovation will be compiled in an action plan with suggestions for start up of new initiatives and actions for businesses, municipalities, regions and knowledge institutions. The project will furthermore take the first steps towards realising some of the identified initiatives. This will take place through facilitation of match-making among companies, authorities and knowledge institutions and through the running of the project in order to establish strong project consortia which will work with realising these initiatives. Furthermore special emphasis on creating strong networks in sectors with potential for growth and cooperation will be prioritised.