Declaration of Cooperation: Logistics clusters in the STRING region
We are proud to present a joint "Declaration of Cooperation" between five logistics cluster across Sweden, Denmark and Germany. In a longer perspective the cooperation will support opportunities for creating synergy between the companies and the clusters in the STRING region.

Cluster Coopertaion on a customized tour of the port of Hamburg courtesy of Hamburg Hafen Marketing e.V., September 2014.

Since 2012, the Green STRING Corridor has taken the initiative to hosting a number of network meetings involving the five logistics initiatives together with regional stakeholders from the business community, knowledge institutions and interest organizations.


We are very pleased that these network meetings have resulted in a joint "Declaration of Cooperation" which initially is a declaration of intent regarding closer cooperation. In a longer perspective the cooperation can support the opportunities for creating synergy between the companies and the clusters in the STRING region.

This cooperation network should use the unique opportunity of making an impact as one of the strongest and dense logistics areas in Europe. An area representing all modes of transport and logistics services and thereby important for any industry using logotstics services.


This new venture is focused on three areas:


STRING logistics network: How can the cooperation develop a network, which creates international awareness together with matchmaking and events for its members?


Support for innovation: How can the cooperation foster innovation among the members of the clusters through joint projects and facilitation?


Platform for the exchange of knowledge: How can the cooperation share relevant knowledge between the clusters and act as a knowledge and information centre?


This venture represents a further development of the logistics initiatives and a more extensive and deeper cooperation between these initiatives, which together can contribute to growth, employment and innovation in the transport and logistics industry in the STRING-region.


Logistics initiatives along the STRING corridor


Region Skåne - Sweden

Business Region Skåne (Näringsliv, Skåne)


Region Zealand/The Capital Region of Denmark - Denmark

Copenhagen Capacity (establishment ofnetworks)

Køge Municipality (EU project aimed at establishing a certified cluster)


The State of Hamburg and Land Schleswig Holstein - Germany

Logistics Initiative Schleswig-Holstein e.V (establishment of networks)

Logistics initiative Hamburg (establishment of a gold-certified cluster)



Signed Declaration of Cooperation



The first conference of this cooperation is on the 6th of November in Malmö.

 The conference will focus on High Capacity Truck (HTC)/modular trucks. Since all the three STRING countries are involved in the test phase of this logistic solution, cooperation partners want to discuss the political perspective on implementing this solution in the future an to hear bothe experiences from tet phases and from companies wether this is a future business case for them.