Green STRING Corridor film with interviews
This film shows the aim of the Green STRING Corridor project: Promoting the potential of innovative transport and logistics solutions and developing a green transport corridor between the Öresund Region and Hamburg, capitalising on the benefits of the coming fixed Femern Belt link.

The Green STRING Corridor has worked hard on making an informative video that combines animated graphics and interviews with key stakeholders.

Our vision has been to condense three years of hard work and a large amount of accumulated information and knowledge within the project's scope.


Whether you have just found out about our project now - or if you have followed us closely these three years - we hope you will enjoy the travel that has been the Green STRING Corridor.

Our hope is that this film will widen your perspective on the STRING corridor and the potentials for greener and more efficient transport and logistics.


Watch interviews with CEO of The Danish Transport Federation (DI Transport), Michael Svane, Axel  Mattern, CEO of Hamburg Hafen Marketing and Bodil Rosvall Jönsson, CEO at Region Skåne and Business Region Skåne amongst others.