Closing Conference - Fehmarnbelt Days
On October 2nd the Green STRING Corridor project hosts its final conference marking the end of 3 years intensive work. Our focus has been on how to improve connectivity and flow of goods and people between the Øresund Region and Hamburg with the fixed Fehmarn link as a focal point.

With a long list of highly knowledgeable and distinguished speakers from Denmark, Sweden, and Germany the conference is going to be quite spectacular. Our guest speakers and panellists all have different entry points and views for the discussion of an environmental friendly corridor between the two major growth centres in Northern Europe. For more information please or visit Fehmarnbelt Days


Our guest speakers include:

•Connie Hedegaard,  European Commissioner for Climate Action, The European Commission
•Sten Wandel,  Professor. LU Open Innovation Centre, Lund University
•Dirk Rompf, DB Netz  AG, Member of Board and
•Jens Ole Kaslund, Project Director. Rail Net Denmark
•Henrik Appel Esbensen, Member of the City Council of Copenhagen and Chairman of STRING in
 Autumn 2014


• Mr. Jens Stenbæk, Chairman of the Regional Council in Region Zealand
•Ms. Susanne Krawack, Chief consultant, Concito (CONCITO, Denmark's green think tank,
 provides analyses and information on the best and most low-cost transition
 towards a climate-neutral society.)
•Professor Sten Wandel Lund University (Professor in logistics and Inventor of secure
•Dr. Rüdiger Schacht, IHK Lübeck, Head of Business Unit Regional Policy (Chamber of Commerce and
•Dipl.-Ing. Bernhard Wewers Executive Director LVS Schleswig- Holstein (LVS Schleswig-Holstein)
•Prof. Dr. Dirk Rompf DB Netz AG, Member of Board (strategic planning of the network infrastructure
 and Management of large Infrastructure projects)

Our project is finalised in November 2014 and this conference is the closing  conference for the project and the opportunity to hand-over the key-findings and recommendations to the STRING Network, the political cooperation of regions along the corridor Øresund-Hamburg.


The STRING corridor is a vital section in the wider TEN-T's European transport corridor The Scandinavian - Mediterranean Transport Corridor. Results from the project have focused on the regional and
 environmental effects of an improved transport connection in the STRING region.

 The findings regarding the STRING Corridor Øresund - Hamburg are:

1.Action call to coordinate the future cross-border rail traffic from Øresund to Hamburg
2.The effects of a new transport geography for mobility, freight transport, regional labour markets and commuting
3.Potentials for greener and more efficient logistics solutions