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Final report: From Speed and Transit to Accessibility and Regional Development

This report summarizes the results reached over the course of 2½ years of work. A number of analyses point out the challenges facing the STRING region and present concrete solutions. The analyses provide us with tangible proposals for strengthening the development in the STRING region and which solutions contribute to the greatest growth – for the benefit of employment, commercial development and the environment in Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

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Green STRING Corridor flyer

This is the informational flyer for the project, giving brief information about the purpose, structure and the partners.

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Green STRING Corridor project description

This document outlines the Green STRING Corridor projects in terms of its aims and structure.

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Tender notice

This document outlines the details of a tender regarding a short presentational video for the Green STRING Corridor project.

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Tender notice final report

This is the tender notice regarding a writing assignment; for writing the final report of the project

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Tender notice moderator for final conference 2014

This tender concerns a moderator assignment for the project Green STRING Corridor’s final conference at October 2nd 2014 at FehmarnbeltDays 2014.

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