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Carlsberg Group is the world’s 4th largest brewery. In an effort to increase efficiency, Carlsberg Group consolidated its production in one location and uses a rail system to transport its products into its major market in the Copenhagen region, where 55 percent of the Danish market resides. The feasibility of short distance rail freight depended on a number of factors coming together to support its consolidation.

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Climate and business-related effects of a Green STRING Transport Corri-dor Öresund-Hamburg

The current report presents the results of a study based on an analysis that has two overall objectives: 1. Identifying the difference between the forecasted long distance traffic and its related CO₂ emissions between EU targets and predicted traffic in the Green STRING Corridor (‘identifying the gap’). 2. Outline how individual firms can benefit from the implementation of a green STRING corridor and further contribute to achieving the target CO₂ objectives. The report should support political and administrative authorities in the region in pre-paring and planning future activities in the their respective areas; moreover, the report also indicates areas, where individual businesses in the corridor can further exploit and contribute to the fulfilment of the targets.

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Coop is a leading actor in the Swedish food retail market, which is owned by the consumer cooperative Kooperativa Förbundet (KF). Coop’s goal is to create economic benefits while encouraging its members to contribute to sustainable development through their consumption. Since 2009, Coop Logistik has used trains as an important part of the company’s transport solution for providing Coop’s 750 stores with groceries.

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Definition of a green string corridor

This report is an introductory study that defines and describes the STRING corridor and outlines a vision for a green STRING corridor. The report is divided into two major parts. The first section is focused on providing a definition and description of the STRING corridor, involving a mapping of the corridor‟s basic geography, infrastructure and freight volumes. Given that the corridor is made up of actors who play an important role in shaping the corridor, these institutions and agents will also be described in part one of the report. In part two of the report, a vision of a green STRING corridor is outlined.

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The logistic service provider European Cargo Logistics GmbH (ECL) is headquartered in Lübeck in the region of Schleswig-Holstein. With approximately 90 employees it is a medium-sized company and since 2001 it has been a 100 % subsidiary of the Lübecker Hafen-Gesellschaft mbH (LHG), which runs the port docks of Lübeck. ECL is one of the leading European service providers for the distribution of forest products, thus the core business area of ECL is transportation of paper and forest products.

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Environmental effects of a Green STRING transport corridor

The study has the overall objective of promoting and highlighting the potential of in-novative transport and logistics solutions in the promotion of a green transport corri-dor between the Öresund Region and Hamburg. At a more concrete level, the project aims to demonstrate the link between business and environment, which are both sup-ported by efficient transport solutions.

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Factsheet for WP 1

This fact sheet outlines the key messages of this work package, and explains what the aims and purpose of this theme is, and how this will help svhieve the overall aim of a greener transport corridor betwen the Öresund region and Hamburg.

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The logistic service provider GST Worldwide Logistics GmbH (GST) is headquartered in Glinde – a small town 20 minutes from the city of Hamburg. With approximately 10 employees, it is a small company. GST was founded in 1998 and has been in the market for 15 years. All the company´s operations are managed from the headquarters, with activities world-wide.

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JH Transport

JH Transport is a medium-sized firm with offices in Brøndby, Hvirdovre, and Albertslund, small municipalities surrounding the capital region of Copenhagen, Denmark. The firm is owned and operated by Jan Hansen, employing 60 people with a fleet of 45 trucks. JH transport is a highly specialized transport company, primarily serving two large custom-ers operating in the convenience goods sector.

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Social and Business Effects of the Green STRING Corridor

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