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Exploring business travels in the STRING region: The case of ESS

“Making use of time” might be the new mantra for business travel in the STRING corridor. By linking together the research intensive cities of Berlin, Hamburg, Copenhagen and Lund/Malmö with direct InterCity Express trains, we can change the way we do business travel. How this can happen is explored in this report through a case study on business travel of researcher staff, based on with business travellers in Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

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Fact sheet for WP 3

This fact sheet outlines the key messages of this work package, and explains what the aims and purpose of this theme is, and how this will help svhieve the overall aim of a greener transport corridor betwen the Öresund region and Hamburg.

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Improving Air-Rail connections in Copenhagen

Copenhagen Airport is a hub for global flights. Access by Railway already plays an important role from Southern Sweden and Denmark. This Memo discusses how this intermodal service can be improved for the benefits of transport companies and travellers; for Scandinavians as well as Germans.

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Market Study: Improved train service Öresund-Hamburg

The market study analyses the market potential for fast rail services between Copenhagen/Malmö and Hamburg, when the Fehmarn Belt link opens. The study shows that there will be suffient travellers for an hourly service and the service could be profitable. The rail service sceme is presented in an earlier report.

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Öresund-Hamburg in 2,5 Stunden

Green String Corridor hat den zukünftigen Personen-bahnverkehr auf der Strecke Hamburg-Kopenhagen-Malmö untersucht. Die Analyse ergab, dass eine Hal-bierung der Fahrzeit zwischen Hamburg und Kopen-hagen-Malmö und das Errichten eines überregionalen Bahnverbundnetzes, das alle Städte im STRING-Korridor verbindet, möglich ist.

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Öresund-Hamburg in 2½ hours

Green String Corridor has analysed the future passen¬ger rail traffic on the Hamburg – Copenhagen – Malmö route. The analysis shows it is possible to halve the travelling time between Hamburg and Copenhagen-Malmö and establish a service of interregional trains connecting all towns in the STRING corridor.

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Regional business life and access to an international airport

What does mean for regional business life to have access to an international airport byr car and train? This report has examined the impact on business life in south Sweden, when access to Copenhagen Airport was created in 2000 by road and rail.

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Regional labour market effects of an improved transportation system

This analysis examines the potential labour market effects of an improved transportation system within the traffic corridor between the Oresund area and Hamburg. That is, improved commuting possibilities for labour and companies’ possibilities for recruiting labour within the corridor, or put differently: To what extent will the improved transportation system lead to better recruitment possibilities for companies within the traffic corridor between the Oresund area and Hamburg.

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Traffic analysis Malmö-Hamburg

This study examines different possible traffic scenarios connected to various alternatives of infrastructure investments. The aim is to investigate how different patterns for freight- and passenger traffic can be mixed together in a harmonized and efficient way. The aim is also to identify critical bottlenecks and by this determine the infrastructure projects required to meet the traffic demands. The study is limited to the line between Malmö and Hamburg including the Öresunds Bridge and Fehmarn tunnel. This line is part of the European North-South Rail Freight Corridors according to EU legislation, so there will be a competition between freight and passenger transport in this corridor.

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