3 short questions during Green STRING Corridor’s Kick-Off Conference
During a break in our conference we asked Lars Wewstädt, project Manager at Wirtschaftsförderung LÜBECK GmbH, to take time for three quick questions.

What will be the biggest effect of the Fehmern fixed Link?


In my point of view, the most important effects will be on the economical side, but also on the cultural side. Especially in Germany and Denmark. And for us in Lübeck the focus will be on the strong branches we have here on the German side: Logistics, the food industry and the health care sector. These will be the main areas that will benefit from the fixed link.


Have you heard of Green Corridors before - and what do they mean to your organisation?


Of course we have heard about it - it's a very interesting theme. Specifically we are looking into the idea in the context of logistics and the food industry, especially cereal products. Besides health care these two businesses are the most important industries for Lübeck.


3 short questions

Lars Wewstädt, project Manager at Wirtschaftsförderung LÜBECK GmbH


What did you find especially interesting today?


It was very interesting to hear the presentation fromCopenhagen Airport because at the moment we have big and complex discussion regarding the airport in Lübeck. So it was very interesting to hear some thoughts about the future of air transportation.


By Anine Asklund