Green STRING Corridor at Green Demo Day in Malmö
The project staff of Green STRING Corridors forced snow and cold weather to take part in the conference and exhibition Green Corridors Demo Day at Malmömessan in Malmö.

Together with the projects GreCor  and COINCO, Green STRING Corridor were to be found in a joint exhibition booth on Green Corridor projects. All though the projects might not have tangible demonstrations as of now, they are deeply involved in developing a green corridor through Scandinavia to Germany - and even The Netherlands.



 Green, lean machines


More than 200 participants from logistics companies and the transportation industry to political administration and academia walked on the symbolically green carpeted paths between 30 various exhibitors: meeting past and new colleagues, exchanging ideas and business cards with new acquaintances.


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Many of the participants, who in majority were of the male gender, lingered wide-eyed at the huge exhibited Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and Scania trucks. Many admired the engine power of these new machines - and with a clean conscience. These trucks are environmentally friendly, too.


Official inauguration of the Oslo-Randstad Corridor


The Swedish State Secretary to the ministry of Infrastructure, Ingela Bendrot, mentioned the importance of green corridors in her inaugural speech before the symbolic "opening" of the first European Green Corridor from Oslo in Norway  to Randstad in The Netherlands. Green Corridors are important in combing important freight transport corridors together with innovative new technologies that will both boost European competitiveness and thereby the European economy and at the same time reduce Europe's environmental impact. The State Secretary also stressed the importance of sharing the knowledge and technologies harvested in this particular corridor with other European corridors in the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T).


After the State Secretary's speech, at 12:12 on the 12th of December 2012, official representatives of the Dutch, German, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian Transport Administrations symbolically linked the five countries together using ribbons in the colors of their respective countries' national flags.


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Green STRING Corridor, GreCor and COINCO are three EU Interreg projects that share the same geography but have different emphases:


1) GreCor covers Oslo-Rotterdam


2) COINCO covers Oslo-Gothenburg-Öresund


3) Green STRING Corridor covers Öresund-Hamburg


Although the three the projects only cover a small part of the European Core Network, the geography is crucial for Scandinavian and Northern European transport.


Focus areas:


1) GreCor: Establishing a green freight corridor


2) COINCO: Passenger transport and railway freight transport


3) Green STRING Corridor: Impacts and benefits of a Green Corridor- especially regarding freight and logistics and business development


By Anine Asklund