New ways of business travel to Hamburg
When the fixed Fehmarn Belt link is completed the Öresund region will have a dramatically improved accessibility to Hamburg and Northern Germany. A business meeting in Hamburg will no longer require an over-night stay or air-travel to have. Measured in travel time the university city of Lund will be closer to Hamburg than the capital Stockholm

Map: Gren STRING Corridor

To get an idea of the new opportunities, a series of maps showing the travel time in 2012 and 2021 have been produced for both road and rail. The maps are produced for 7 cities in the Öresund region. The blue color indicates the geographical range of a typical one-day meeting without flying or staying overnight.


The Fehmarn Belt link will create a new geography


For road transport the future travel times are already known in detail. For rail transport there are still some decision to be taken, so the maps are based on Green String Corridor studies that demonstrate the feasibility of travel times Copenhagen-Hamburg just over 2 hours, meaning air travel speed can be a reality with landbound  transport. 

Producing maps of the future travel times with public transport is always a challenge. The maps usie the old municipality borders in Denmark and a decomposition of the counties (Kreise) in Germany in order to get the same geographical resolution in Sweden, Denmark and Germany.  Data for the maps are produced in cooperation with Femern A/S in Copenhagen.


Maps are available for road and rail travel from the follwing cities in 2012 and 2021 respectively:










Please follow the links below to view the maps:


Traveltime Hamburg car 2012


Traveltime car Hamburg after 2021


Traveltime Hamburg public transport 2012


Traveltime Hamburg public transport after 2021


Traveltime Copenhagen car 2012


Traveltime Copenhagen car after 2021


Traveltime Copenhagen public transport 2012


Traveltime Copenhagen public transport after 2021


Traveltime Helsingborg car 2012


Traveltime Helsingborg car after 2021


Traveltime Helsingborg public ransport 2012


Traveltime Helsingborg public transport after 2021


Traveltime Lund car 2012


Traveltime Lund car after 2021


Traveltime Lund public transport 2012


Traveltime Lund public transport after 2021


Traveltime Malmö car 2012


Traveltime Malmö car after 2021


Traveltime Malmö public transport 2012


Traveltime Malmö public transport after 2021


Traveltime Rødbyhavn car 2012


Traveltime Rødbyhavn car after 2021


Traveltime Rødbyhavn public transport 2012


Traveltime Rødbyhavn public transport after 2021


Traveltime Stockholm car 2012


Traveltime Stockholm car after 2021


Traveltime Stickholm public transport 2012


Traveltime Stockholm public transport after 2021