Dialogue, Implementation and Network - how do we make things happen?
The scope of this thematic work package is to secure the internal as well as the external communication in the project.

 We also want to ensure that external parties with significance for the project and its goals are involved to secure the implementation of the results of the project. It will be realised through a communication strategy on how the project results are communicated most efficiently and how we involve the relevant parties in the project.


The project website is a separate website and part of the "umbrella website" for the STRING - cooperation. The website is in English, and publishes all relevant information on the project's organisation, the progress of the results obtained in the sub-projects and the further process for the project.


We have started Dialogue Groups to ensure that external parties with significance for the results of the project are involved.  Green STRING Corridor is an Oresund-project; but due to the geography of the corridor, involvement from the German side is also crucial to the project. Dialogue Groups therefore include key participants fromGermany,Sweden and Denmark.


The Dialogue Groups are thematically divided into three groups:


Development of a Green STRING Corridor


Logistics and Business development in the STRING region


Business Travel and Accessibility in the STRING region

Dialog NY


 Participants include representatives from public and private organisations, representatives from the business and logistic sectors and railway infrastructure planners, railway companies and authorities developing rail freight.


An additional objective within WP4 is to establish lasting networks across borders. This is the aim of STRING Logistic Forum, anchored among stakeholders in the regions. Amongst other initiatives, this will be done through the development of pilot projects. In the area of innovative logistics solutions with a focus on IT, the efficiency of transport work, biogas, etc.




Meetings in the Dialogue Groups


Mid-term conference 2013


Final Conference end of 2014


STRING Logistics Platform Workshops


For further information, please see the fact sheet for WP 4 and the fact sheet for the STRING Logistics Platform