Development of a Green STRING corridor
The scope of this thematic work package is to identify initiatives to achieve a green transport corridor between the Öresund region and Hamburg.


The overall aim of this work package is to identify necessary initiatives that support the develop-ment of a Green STRING transport corridor between the Öresund region and Hamburg, e.g. based on high accessibility and efficiency.


We will create an action plan on how to establish a green corridor from Scandinavia to Germany, presenting different national perspectives. Both the project results and the existing knowledge of internal and external partners will provide input to the Action Plan.




Definition of a green STRING transport corridor


This activity aims to identify a transnational definit­ion of a green transport corridor Oresund-Hamburg, outlining what a green corridor con­sists of in the STRING geography; the demands of a green transport corridor, and how it can provide opportunities for promoting sus­tainable economic growth in the region's business community.


Environmental effects


Investigating environmental effects of a Green STRING Transport Corridor will present how a green corridor can contribute to improving the environment and what environmental consequences it can have in the STRING region.


Social and business-related effects


The projects looks at societal and business related effects of a Green STRING transport Corridor through identifying social and commercial benefits of a green corridor where it is possible to combine both environmental impacts and economic effects. 


Initiatives and Opportunities (Action Plan)


The Action Plan will describes opportunities for both the private and public sector (municipalities, regions and state authorities) and propose concrete initiatives to realise the development of a Green STRING corridor.


Duration: 2012 - summer 2014.


See the fact sheet for WP 1 for further information