Logistics and business development in the STRING corridor
The scope of tis thematic work package is to strengthen the global role of the STRING region as a Scandinavian and North European distribution hub


We will identify potential actions and imple­mentation initiatives that will strengthen the global position of the STRING region as a Scan­dinavian and north European distribution hub.




Changed conditions for European logistics and transport in the STRING-region


The analysis, based on statistics, identifies the development of freight transport and the business related structural changes of the freight transport sector within the STRING region.


SWOT analysis


A SWOT analysis of the transport and logistics industry in the STRING corridor will identify which industries are strongly represented in STRING region, and describe the immediate assessment of their strengths and weaknesses. Identify opportunities and threats that arise due to changes in the framework conditions - e.g. a new fixed Fehmarn Belt Link.


The main outcome of this analysis is to provide input for specific project ideas and initiatives that can be raised in the further work of the project.


Mapping and analysis of transport sensitive industries in the STRING region


Designated transport sensitive industries that will be affected by infrastructure changes and improvements in the STRING corridor.


Strategic cooperation between logistics clusters in the STRING corridor


Identify growth potentials for cross-border cooperation between transport nodes and logistics clusters in the STRING region.


Fehmarn business survey


Observe the development of industries in the STRING region though measuring their attitudes and expectations in relation to the upcoming fixed link.


Duration:  2012 - summer 2014.


See the fact sheet for WP 2 for further information