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A modern transport system between Öresund and Hamburg

This document sets out the ambitions of the STRING partners for creating a modern transport system between the Öresund region and Hamburg.

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A new strong growth corridor in Northern Europe

A short leaflet on STRINGs prioritised areas and mission. In English.

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Book of Ideas

More than 600 people participated in 19 different events during the Fehmarnbelt Days 2012. Their common objective: to help shape the new Fehmarnbelt Region within the context of the future tunnel between Denmark and Germany. The ideas that were presented during these three days are now gathered here.

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Bottlenecks in the infrastructure between Scandinavia and Central Europe

A key issue to debate is the bottlenecks in the infrastructure system between Scandinavia and Central Europe. Bottlenecks are locations that will affect the traffic flows to and from the Fehmarn Belt link, and that therefore has an effect on regional accessibility and mobility. Such bottlenecks primarily affect road and rail transport. An upgrade of the network infrastructure in the entire stretch from Öresund-Hamburg could be necessary, in order to assure the possibility of easily reaching destinations both within and outside the STRING geography.

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'Building Tourism' Stakeholder Analysis

The purpose of this document is to obtain a picture of the expectations of the various partners and stakeholders within the region, in terms of how tourism will develop in the coming years; and to identify key areas for tourism potentials.

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'Building Tourism' Statistical Analysis

The aim of this statistical overview is to present the key aspects of tourism in the STRING region. Tourism volume in The Fehmernbelt region compares to the mega destinations of Europe. The tourism volume is about the size of destinations such as the Canaries and the entire nation of Croatia.

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Building Tourism Strategy

Tourism strategy outlining 16 new initiatives to mak the Fehmarnbelt Region an more attractive international tourist destination.

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Building Tourism Strategy - Appendix

Appendix as referred to in Strategy

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'Building Tourism' SWOT Analysis

The Fehmarnbelt region has a rich and diverse touristic product that holds the potential to be one of Europe’s most attractive growth destinations for both leisure and business tourism. Not only does the region encompass three different national states, it also spans many different sub-regions, each one with its own cultural hallmarks, natural beauties and competitive business clusters. The sea is the forces that has bound it all together - from Hamburg and Lübeck , over the region’s vast and beautiful coast lines to Copenhagen and Malmö. Soon also a modern infrastructure will bind the region further together, and unfold a big potential for growth. However, there is a risk that with the new tunnel, the region will become a transit corridor rather than an attractive tourist destination in itself. This analysis shows that there are major challenges that need to be addressed for the potential growth to unfold and for the region to become Northern Europe’s most attractive tourism destination.

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Ein modernes Verkehrsnetz zwischen der Öresundregion und Hamburg

This document sets out the ambitions of the STRING partners for creating a modern transport system between the Öresund region and Hamburg. IN GERMAN.

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