STRING and Green STRING Corridor Update # 1, October 2012


STRING and Green STRING Corridor Update # 1 9. October 2012
When does the train for Hamburg leave?

Various visions for the railway service between Scania and Hamburg have been presented. But Green STRING Corridor decided to study what is actually possible in the real world. It turns out from Hamburg you can reach Copenhagen airport in 2 hours 40 minutes and Malmö in 3 hours flat.

From Öresund to Hamburg in 2,5 hours
The five partners of the STRING cooperation aim to coordinate their efforts to assure that the large-scale infrastructure investments in the region are utilised in the best way possible. As such, STRING has commissioned two high-level infrastructure reports examining the status of the high-speed networks in Northern Europe and bottlenecks in the infrastructure between Scandinavia and Central Europe - and proposed a number of recommendations.
Gathering of green growth enthusiasts
Nearly 60 participants from Sweden, Denmark and Germany - from universities to privately held companies and business development organisations gathered in Lübeck for Green STRING Corridor's Kick-Off Conference. The aim of the project is ambitious, but important. Transport in and between the Öresund and Hamburg Regions must be sustainable and efficient.
Femernbelt region offers great tourism potential
The Fehmarnbelt region offers great potential for new tourism from both international and regional markets. A new statistical analysis documents that the future tunnel between Germany and Denmark can create one of Europe's biggest and most dynamic growth destinations.
Bleak economic outlook in the Fehmarbelt Region
The business leaders of the Fehmarnbelt region from Scania in Sweden over Zealand to North Germany agree that the short term (1-2 year) economic outlook is very weak. But seen in relation to the European economy, which as a whole, is declining in the autumn 2012, the forecast seems confident after all.
New strategy, STRING 2030, to assure green growth in Northern Europe
The STRING partners, Region Skåne, the Capital Region of Denmark, Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg aim to enhance economic growth and assure a sustainable development in the corridor from the Öresund region to Hamburg.

STRING is the political cross- border partnership between Hamburg and Schleswig- Holstein in Germany, the Capital Region of Denmark and Region Zealand in Denmark, and Region Skåne in Sweden.


Green STRING Corridor is an interregional cooperation facilitating innovative transport and logistics in a Green STRING Corridor Öresund- Hamburg.