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Game-changing infrastructure one step closer
Femern A/S has prequalified nine large contractor consortia to submit tenders for the four major construction contracts for the fixed link across the Fehmarnbelt. This means that the realisation of one of the world's largest infrastructure projects takes a step forward towards creating a new Northern Europe, where accessibility and cooperation between Scandinavia and Northern Germany reaches new heights in 2021.
Transport makes the World go round...
In the years to come, the STRING Region will experience huge investments in traffic infrastructure in the form of a fixed link across Fehmarn Belt, new railway lines and motorways in Denmark and Germany. Investments, which are expected to initiate better integration and economic growth in the region. The transport and logistics industry in the STRING Region is vital for capitalizing the benefits of these investments for the wider regional development and a new study from Roskilde University documents the size, location and turnover of the industry in the region.
Tourism industry gains new headway
The Building Tourism projects is now entering its final phase with the production of a project catalogue of future initiatives that will revive the tourism industry in Northern German, Zealand and Skåne. These will be presented at a conference in Copenhagen on the 29th of August.
Transport buyers as drivers for investments in 'greener' solutions
Most companies have not yet realized that efficiency in transportation implies both economic and environmental benefits. A development towards resource-efficient transport is not just a step towards a 'greening 'of transport systems. It is also a step for the STRING region's transport companies to become the most competitive players in the national and international market.
EU investments to create coherent infrastructure in the STRING region and beyond
Following a new agreement between the EU Commission, the Ministerial Council and the European Parliament, the EU is now ready to contribute 23 million Euros towards an integrated European infrastructure, in accordance with a new 'master plan'.
Networking on Natural Gas Vehicles
Is LNG the future for long distance road transport and shipping? Liquified Natural Gas - LNG - is predicted to be one of the new buzz words in alternative fuels. But haulage companies are worried about prices of gas compared to diesel. Shipping companies worry about big refitting costs. The gas providers are ready and waiting. Is everyone biding their time for governments or the EU to take a stand? 15 hand picked participants joined forces in a network meeting to look for a clear path forward and agreed on meeting again.

STRING is the political cross- border partnership between Hamburg and Schleswig- Holstein in Germany, the Capital Region of Denmark, the City of Copenhagen and Region Zealand in Denmark, and Region Skåne in Sweden.


Green STRING Corridor is an interregional cooperation facilitating innovative transport and logistics in a Green STRING Corridor Öresund- Hamburg.