Train from Copenhagen to Hamburg in 2,5 hours
The STRING cooperation highlights its strong political demand for a more coordinated planning around future rail services between the Copenhagen-Malmö region and Hamburg to start as early as next year. This will ensure that the railway system is ready in time for the opening of the fixed Fehmarnbelt link in 2021.
Green STRING on tour in Germany - Tour de force with authorities and other stakeholders!
The work package leaders of the Green SRTING Corridor project have been on a road trip in Germany where they had meetings with state authorities and relevant stakeholders in Schleswig-Holstein (Ministry of Economic Affairs, Employment, Transport and Technology Schleswig-Holstein), Hamburg (Ministry of Economy, Transport and Innovation) and Berlin (Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development).
A green growth region in Northern Europe
As part of a green growth strategy, STRING is working for the expansion of sustainable infrastructure between Skåne in Sweden and Hamburg in Germany. Access to alternative fuels for a range of vehicles is part of this strategy and work.
Logistic clusters in the STRING region
The Green STRING Corridor project has turned its focus on logistic clusters in the STRING geography. Are there logistic clusters in all three countries in the STRING region? How can we identify them? What kind of clusters are they? And is there a potential for a cross border cluster initiative? And not least - are they "green"?
What do we want to use this "tube" for?
Claus Klitholm of Deloitte Consulting and former Senior Vice President at DSB, and former Director of franchises and contracts for the Danish Transport Authority, asked the Partners of Green STRING Corridor the very pivotal question:What do we want to use this "tube" for?
Save the date - Logistics and the Fehmarn Belt tunnel
New conference:
Logistics and the Fehmarn Belt tunnel
- Business opportunities for Logistics Service Providers during the construction of the tunnel and ahead.
Venue: Hotel Richmond, Vester Farimagsgade 33, Copenhagen K
Date: March 21st 2014
Time: 10:00 - 14:00
Save the date - Opportunities for air-rail integration
When the Fehmarn tunnel opens in 2021 it will connect the metropolitan cities in the STRING region - Copenhagen/Malmö and Hamburg. The new infrastructure will reduce not only the mental distance between the two cities but also pave way for an even bigger integration into the global economy in the region.
Copenhagen airport plays a central role for both regional and global development in Copenhagen, Southern Sweden and Eastern Denmark due to the global accessibility that it offers to both businesses and inhabitants. Furthermore it employs more than 23.000 people in more than 700 companies and is therefore an important actor for the economy of the region.
Continuous development of the airport's catchment area is a central activity to ensure that the airport can still be a North European global hub. The upcoming Fehmarn tunnel, faster train connections and in the long run high speed trains are central measures to increase the natural catchment area.
The conference will be held on March 27th 2014 at Copenhagen Airport. If you are interested in obtaining more information about the conference and the programme please register with Marianne Jakobsen, who is in charge of the event.
Happy New Year!
STRING and Green STRING Corridor wish you a happy New Year and all the best for 2014!
STRINGis the political cross- border partnership between Hamburg and Schleswig- Holstein in Germany, the Capital Region of Denmark,the City of Copenhagen and Region Zealand in Denmark, and Region Skåne in Sweden.
Green STRING Corridoris an interregional cooperation facilitating innovative transport and logistics in a Green STRING Corridor Öresund- Hamburg.