Intermodal opportunities - Air-Rail for the win in the Öresund region?

Is seamless train-to-plane travel a goal? And is it an attractive opportunity for the Öresund region? And if so, who should carry out the practicalities of such a solution? These and many more issues were discussed by hosts Copenhagen Airport, DSB, SJ, Öresundståg, DB and Lufthansa.

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Expert panel to advise on the development in the Hamburg-Öresund Region

The Fehmarn Belt Link: The political cooperation organisation STRING has established a panel of experts, which will follow the political and practical work of developing and creating growth in the corridor between the two growth engines Hamburg and Copenhagen-Malmö. The panel has been set up in Copenhagen today.

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How to keep business busy during the construction of Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link

On the 21st of March 100 participants, including many private logistics and construction companies, gathered at the Hotel Richmond in Copenhagen. The aim of the conference was clear: When and how do we tap into the 41 billion DKR investment that is the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link?

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STRING support for regional German railway requirements

The STRING partners in Denmark and Sweden support demands from the state governments in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg on the federal government in Berlin for a significant upgrade of the railway infrastructure on the German side of the Fehmarn Belt. This is one of the results from a political meeting in Kiel between the STRING politicians and the government as well as parliament members in the state of Schleswig-Holstein.

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From traffic corridor to growth corridor

Five Swedes, four Danes and one German took the ICE-train from Copenhagen and the "Birds flight" Scanlines Ferry from Rødbyhavn to Hamburg on the 18th of March. Green STRING Corridor had invited their regional partners and neighboring Region Halland and The Swedish Transport Administration to travel to Hamburg to meet with and the German regions, states and authorities at the Seantkanzlei in Hamburg to talk about how to use the planed infrastructure investments to develop growth in the regions.

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STRING provides several important platforms for stakeholders to stay up-to-date on the goings-on in the Fehmarnbelt region. Two such important opportunities to network and gain new knowledge is the Fehmarnbelt Days on the 30th of September - 2nd of October and the STRING seminar on tourism as a driver on integration on Bornholm on the 14th of June respectively.

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STRINGis the political cross- border partnership between Hamburg and Schleswig- Holstein in Germany, the Capital Region of Denmark, Region Zealand and the City of Copenhagen in Denmark, and Region Skåne in Sweden.


Green STRING Corridoris an interregional cooperation facilitating innovative transport and logistics in a Green STRING Corridor Öresund- Hamburg.