New ideas for the Fehmarnbelt Region
Chairman of the Regional Council at Capital Region of Denmark and current Chairman of STRING, Vibeke Storm Rasmussen, met with Carsten Hansen, the Minister for Housing, Urban and Rural Affairs in early February to present him with 175 ideas concerning the future development of the Fehmarnbelt Region.

The 175 ideas were hatched during the Fehmarnbelt Days 2012, held in Hamburg and Lübeck last autumn, where around 600 politicians, civil servants, business representatives and Swedish, Danish and German members of the public got together. Their mission was to discuss how the upcoming fixed link can create growth in the region, both before and after its inauguration. The ideas have now been gathered in a book which will be distributed to decision makers in Sweden, Denmark and Germany.


''We have a historic opportunity to create a new growth engine in Northern Europe, marked by growth, sustainability and a good quality of life. It is therefore important that we engage with as many people as possible in order to help the development of our future community, in order to create a new dynamic and an understanding of the fact that a new integrated region with over 8 million inhabitants holds some very special potentials'', says Vibeke Storm Rasmussen.


Carsten Hansen sees the many new ideas as a sign that both local and regional forces are very keen to reap the benefits of the new fixed link.


''Over the next few years the construction work will create activity in the area, but it is absolutely crucial to start thinking about the future benefits of the link as soon as possible. The fixed link will provide the region with a new chance, and I am very keen to create the right framework to assure that we can seize that opportunity'', says Carsten Hansen, who is looking forward to seeing the new ideas grow and develop over the coming years.


The partners behind the Fehmarnbelt Days 2012 were the Femernbelt Committee, Baltic Development Forum, Fehmarnbelt Business Council, Fehmarnbelt Development, Femern A/S, IHK Lübeck and STRING


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