The Green STRING Corridor project has several tires of management; providing both internal and external project partners the possibility to influence the project. The top tire is a Steering Group, deciding on the future of the project.

Workpackage 5 makes up the project management, and consists of the workpackage leaders, the project leader, the project coordinator and the financial coordinator. The purpose of this work package is to assure the internal project communication as well as all stakeholder communication, and make sure that the project is running according to schedule.


The work package aims to do so by coordinating:


1) The different WP working groups

2) The project finances

3) Partner meetings

4) STRING- reference group meetings


The Green STRING Corridor project is governed through a range of working groups operating at different levels, as outlined below


1) Steering group


2) Reference group


3) Project management group


4) WP working groups


5) Dialogue forum


6) Technical working group




Steering group

The Steering group is the highest level of project management, and holds the legal responsibility for the project in relation to the Interreg regulations. The group is also responsible for assuring that the agreed project goals and plans are properly administrated by the Project management group. The Steering group is tasked with making all high-level project decisions. The Steering group consists of representatives from all 12 project partners.


Reference group

The Reference group consists of representatives from the project initiators, and is responsible for the coordination between the Green STRING Corridor project and the political goals and strategies of the STRING cooperation. The utilisation of the results generated by Green STRING Corridor will to a large extent happen through the future strategic work of the STRING cooperation. The reference group consists of representatives of the existing steering group for the STRING cooperation from Hamburg, Schleswig- Holstein,  Region Zealand, Capital Region of Denmark,  and Region Skåne.


Project management group

The project management group is responsible for the day-to day running of the project; such as the administrative and financial aspects, as well as internal and external stakeholder management. The project management group operates according to decisions made by the Steering group, and consists of the project manager, project coordinator, project accountant and WP leaders.


Work packages and WP working groups

The project is organised according to five work packages (WPs), each having a designated WP- leader. These WP- leaders manage the day- to- day operation of the respective WPs, and contribute to information sharing regarding the overall project. The WP- leaders are also responsible for arranging and chairing working group meetings with experts in the respective areas. The WP- leaders refer to the project manager.


Budgetary workinggroup

The aim of this group is to assure that the budgets are held and managed according to the project outlines. The budgetary working group is part of WP 5, and consists of partner representatives responsible for the administrative and financial coordination