A green growth region in Northern Europe
As part of a green growth strategy, STRING is working for the expansion of sustainable infrastructure between Skåne in Sweden and Hamburg in Germany. Access to alternative fuels for a range of vehicles is part of this strategy and work.




An "eco-friendly highway'' between the Öresund region and Hamburg is just one of the specific proposals presented in the new green growth strategy on how to create a stronggrowth region in Northern Europe where development, economic expansion and business solutions are green.



It is the political cross-border cooperation STRING who is behind the idea of creating a green highway. The idea is that the corridor between Skåne and Hamburg should be fully accessible using sustainable fuels for electric, hybrid, bio-or natural gas powered cars, trucks and buses.



There are currently some ongoing trials in the STRING partner regions concerning alternative fuel. However, in order to create a consistent, environmentally responsible transport system covering the regions entire geography, such alternative and environmentally friendly fuels needs to be available throughout the entire STRING region - not just in parts of it.



- This demonstrates our strong and very real ambition to create a growth and development that is also balanced with being responsible and sustainable, in line with the massive infrastructure investments in the corridor between Skåne and Hamburg, says Anke Spoorendonk, Chairwoman of STRING and Minister for Justice, Culture and European Affairs for Schleswig-Holstein.



Green Growth to attract international investment, business and competences



Green growth is not only essential from an environmental aspect - it also makes us more appealing as a region. The strategy is therefore a tool to get a competitive edge in the race to attract international investment, business and competences to the STRING region. STRING believes that having a growth that is green and thus responsible is key to the development of any growth.



This is why, during a political meeting in Brussels on the 27th of November 2013, the STRING partners manifested their ambition to make STRING one of the world's leading regions when it comes to efficient use of energy and resources, reductions of harmful emissions and the expansion of sustainable infrastructure in promoting viable growth and greener solutions in all sectors.



The purpose of creating a STRING green growth strategy is to pool our regional resources and knowledge from the business world and research institutions as well as the public sector to act together to ensure a sustainable, responsible and economically sound development of our welfare societies. To advance green growth and a sustainable development STRING is therefore also focusing on bringing together representatives from the private and public sector as well as from regional research institutions. This is essential in order to develop and deliver concrete development projects in the region to create new green solutions for tomorrows challenges.



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