Clean, Green Economy: The Green Investment Hub
We want to foster an excellent business and innovation environment for low carbon economy solutions in order to attract regional investments and create sustainable growth in Northern Europe.

It has to be green

Climate considerations and green growth are a key part of our approach to all aspects of STRING's activities from implementing sustainable infrastructure to foster a world-leading region for job creation and investment. The implementation of this approach is the unique selling point of our region in terms of our society, as well as our competitive industrial advantage.

To make this a reality,twoinitiative are of particular importance to STRING:

• Being  a Green Hub

We believe that the STRING region is already leading the way internationally when it comes to green solutions, with an excellent track record of fostering solutions within smart cities, sustainable transport, lighting, and neutron research. We believe that we should leverage on these competencies and communicate these as our unique selling point - and sell the brand of STRING being the best place internationally to position yourself and your business in.

• Branding the STRING region as a Green Investment Hub

One way to market the STRING region as this green hub that we are, is to initially focus on the investment side of things. With a global lead in green and sustainable technological solutions, we believe that the STRING region should be the acknowledged place where exports of excellent innovative and practical solutions that improve green growth and quality of life are developed, manufactured and showcased. Through attracting investments and setting a global agenda for policymakers, business leaders and individual citizens we can draw on the strengths and unique selling propositions already in place in the region. We believe that we already have the credentials to make us an area that industries working with green technologies will want to work and invest in, in order to be close to the key competencies and sustainable developments we shall make the region known for.

In other words, we have the foundation and the expertise, but are lacking the branding and story to tell the rest of the world.

The effects will lead to greater focus on Northern Europe's core competencies, more investment, more jobs, an attractive image and a better place to live and work for our citizens.