Towards a common understanding and action
Green Growth is a central part of the STRING vision and strategy, as well as a dominant part of the local agendas. Even so, there is no precise common understanding of green growth in the STRING region. At the Political Forum on the 11th of March, STRING was given the all clear to do something about this.

In order to reach a much needed common understanding of the concept of green growth, STRING has conducted a study on green growth, outlining an attempt to define the concept, and propose a method which can be used to write a joint strategy. By means of implementation, in November 2012 STRING established an expert group with participants from all of the STRING members. The group has since met twice, in order to pan out a definition of green growth in the STRING region, and a strategy and action plan will be suggested to the politicians around the turn of the year. This was agreed at the latest political forum, held on the 11th of March.


As a first step, the STRING Secretariat has mapped the current initiatives regarding green growth, and collected information about each regions current status and initiatives in order to identify possible areas for common development of strategies. The results of this mapping showed that whilst there is no common understanding of green growth as such, nor a common picture of climate plans or economic growth measures, there are some similarities in the areas as prioritised by the partners. The mapping showed that areas of interest to all partners included fossil free transport, sustainable cities, energy efficiency in buildings, tourism and renewable energy. As such, it was at the Political Forum on the 11th of March decided to base the future work of STRING concerning green growth around these initial pillars, with the possibility of including further joint themes in due course, such as resource and waste management.


As such, the next steps for STRING is now to create a common understanding of green growth, and in time establish a joint agenda and policies in order to form a strategy.


It is the wish of all the STRING partner to prioritise a common green growth agenda, that based on a step-by-step approach can form a strong profile for the STRING partnership; and a politically tangible result of the work and knowledge-sharing of the expert group is expected at the end of the year.