Science and Development
STRING aims to act as a facilitator, bringing together science and innovation clusters and networks to debate a joint STRING regional strategy for cooperation and shared priorities.

Picture: Hamburg


STRING aims to encourage universities to rethink the concept of cooperation laid down in "the Science Corridor" that in its original version stretched from Stockholm and Oslo, down to Hamburg, including universities both in Copenhagen and Jutland.


STRING alone does not have the mandate to establish this cooperation, but it is our goal to facilitate meetings and act as a catalyst for the idea; as well as acting as a facilitator of branding and communication for the unique skills and competences in Northern Europe, in order to attract investment, business, researchers and students from the rest of the world.


The research cooperation may very well be separated in competences, where 'the Material Science agreement' between ESS and Hamburg is an example. Others, supporting the overall STRING vision, would be cleantech and renewable energy; both fields within which competences are extremely high in this region. STRING also aims to establish and/ or encourage cooperation, networking and cluster building within the defined competitive sectors that are represented in all parts of the STRING cooperation, namely:


Material Science

Life Science


Transportation and logistics

Food Industry

Media Industry



Being able to meet one another in a physical meeting place is the precondition for integration and for new ideas. This is especially the case when it comes to pupils and young students. STRING will therefore encourage and pave the way for initiatives creating meeting opportunities between students across borders.